Exchanger Industries has been designing and manufacturing Shell & Tube and Aerial Coolers since 1961. Many of our engineering, drafting and shop personnel have 20 to 30 years continuous experience with us. We have an unparalleled understanding of heat exchangers,and have designed established systems and techniques to provide our clients with high quality and economic products.


EIL has the ability to provide significant cost saving options by also manufacturing exchangers in collaboration with our well established offshore supply chain partners in India, China and Korea.  All exchangers undergo final assembly, testing and dispatch through the Calgary plant and HQ


For over 55 years, we have manufactured top rated products for prestigious oil, gas and petro chemical companies in Alberta and world wide across the globe. We understand our clients’ design specifications and needs, and value their business. This has been a key element to our success.


Exchanger Industries offers full in-house design. Trained professional engineers using H.T.R.I. software – premier to the industry, perform our thermal rating. We receive continual technical support from the various laboratories and institutes that develop the programs and our staff skills have been supplemented with technical seminars, symposiums and continuing education.

This technical knowledge coupled with our experience, places EI at the forefront of heat exchanger design.

Our mechanical programs are developed, proven and updated to the latest Codes. This is assured through regular National Board audits and certification.


We possess a rigorous and well-developed Quality Control program that is ASME certified. Throughout our years of experience it has been refined to administer the best quality control procedures possible. We employ full time inspection personnel and a Quality Control Manager who reports directly to the President of Exchanger Industries. It is through this relentless effort that we provide the highest quality colling and heat transfer product possible for industrial sectors, and which will provide the most reliable service for rigourous demands.