Shell and Tube



Waste Heat Boilers / Sulphur condensers

Exchanger Industries designs and manufactures a wide variety of shell and tube exchangers with styles defined by TEMA or variations thereof. In addition, we are a Phillips rod baffle licensee.

We have extensive experience with carbon steel, high alloys and weld overlay materials to suit a wide variety of process requirements


  • All TEMA styles and variations thereof. API 660
  • Helixchangers™ (under license of CBI Lummus)
  • EMbaffle™
  • Rod Baffle Exchangers
  • Sulphur Plant Equipment: Condensers, Reheaters


  • Outside Diameter: 6 inches up to 192 inches
  • Length: 4 feet up to 100 feet
  • Weight: 2,000 lbs up to 500,000 lbs


  • Carbon steel
  • Low Alloy (1.25 Cr, 2 Cr, 5 Cr, 9 Cr, 13 Cr)
  • Austenitic 300 series stainless (304, 316, 317, 321, etc)
  • Duplex stainless steels
  • High alloy (600, 800, 825 series)
  • C276
  • Monel
  • Brass, 70-30 Cu-Ni, 90-10 Cu-Ni
  • Titanium (limited)
  • Weld overlay (300 series, high-alloy)


  • Atmospheric up to 6,000 psig (welding up to 5 inches thick)


  • HTRI – Category III member
  • HTFS
  • Aspentech TEAMS, Compress
  • FE/Pipe and Nozzle/Pro
  • Customized software
  • AutoCad, Inventor
  • FEA – ANSYS (sub-contracted)


  • ASME Certified and Audited Quality Program
  • Project Management Systems and Team


  • ASME 'U', 'S', 'R'
  • National Board
Exchanger Industries is recognized as the top custom designers and manufacturers of the best industrial heat transfer equipment for the global oil, natural gas, and petro chemical industries in Canada, USA, and international markets including design and manufacturing production services for marine and tropical environments. We are a licensed partner of Helixchanger technology from Lummus Technology Heat Transfers, & EMbaffle tube support baffle design, offering significant cost effective performance benefits. Our Alberta facilities designs industry aerial coolers with box, cover plate or billet headers to API Standard 661 and full winterization as required.

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