Proprietary Anti-Fouling Coatings

A true technological breakthrough driving unprecedented savings for our customers

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of heat exchangers since 1961, we know there haven’t been many innovative and truly unique products brought to the market. That is, until now. At Exchanger Industries Limited (EIL), we have developed something very exciting for our customers: unique, proprietary anti-fouling coatings far superior to what has been previously in-use by the industry, positioning EIL as the worlds leader in being able to tackle a worldwide, multibillion-dollar problem.

After 10 years of development and field testing with a global petrochemical company, EIL’s anti-fouling coating now has the extensive field data to prove its next level performance. Indeed, 5 years of field test data gathered from full-scale units, operational in live process environments, prove EIL’s proprietary anti-fouling coatings are highly effective in combating even the most severe fouling services for oil and gas streams. Benefits, which can amount to millions of dollars of annual savings for some sites, include:

  • Reduced exchanger size results in reduced plot plan, and reduced capital cost by eliminating redundant exchanger required to allow for cleaning shutdowns
  • Elimination of redundant heat exchangers serving as swing units during frequent cleaning regimes.
    • EIL’s full-scale field test unit has not required any maintenance or cleaning whatsoever since installation in 2013
  • Cleaning intervals greatly reduced and perhaps eliminated

EIL is the exclusive licensee and the only company worldwide with the knowledge and experience to be able to apply this anti-fouling coating.

EIL believes this cutting-edge anti-fouling coating is a breakthrough solution the global oil, natural gas and petrochemical industries have been waiting for to deal with long-standing, costly fouling problems.

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