Antifouling Technology for Oil Sands Producer - Case Study


A major oil sands producer was struggling with high costs and frequent process upsets due to severe heat exchanger fouling at their in situ facilities. They turned to Exchanger Industries for an antifouling solution that would reduce downtime, extend equipment lifetime and optimize overall process performance.

The Results Are Clear – See the Case Study

We didn’t just deliver a solution, we proved its efficacy at full scale in the heart of the customer’s operations.

More Than Just an Improvement – A Step Change in Operating Efficiency

At Exchanger Industries, we believe the best way to tackle fouling is to stop it before it can start. It’s been seven years and counting since the producer first installed our antifouling technology and the exchanger has yet to require a single cleaning.

Experience Innovation

Watch the video to see how we optimize economic performance and operational value for your heat transfer projects and fouling challenges.

Antifouling Coating Case Study

Heat exchanger fouling is a costly issue that often has wide-ranging performance and efficiency implications. In our case study, we examine how Exchanger Industries worked with a major oil sands producer to solve their severe fouling problems by implementing a proprietary next-gen antifouling coating.

As a first step, Exchanger Industries sat down with the Producer to define clear performance objectives for the trial. The customer needed to see at least a 50% reduction in cleaning events and identified a stretch goal of eliminating redundant equipment — and they wanted the evaluation conducted in real-time at full scale to give confidence in the results.

Exchanger Industries delivered against these expectations and the results are clear:

  • No cleanings in 7 years and over $1M in direct cleaning savings
  • U-values at or near baseline since installation
  • Prolonged heat exchanger lifespan
  • Technology expanded to other sites

Download our antifouling coating case study today to discover how we combined innovation and technology for the ultimate heat exchanger fouling solution.

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