Why Exchanger Industries?

Built On Trust. Backed By Experience.

At Exchanger Industries Limited, our focus on teamwork has translated into a reputation for quality and reliability within our customers’ industries. Since 1961, we have manufactured top-rated products for the most respected oil, gas, petrochemical, LNG and power generation companies in Canada and across the globe.


At Exchanger Industries Limited, we do more than provide equipment – we deliver solutions. From design to after-sales field services, our expertise allows our customers to be more successful at what they do.

We leverage decades of experience to construct custom client solutions that minimize total life cycle costs. By carefully balancing CAPEX and OPEX costs and executing on-time and defect-free solutions, we deliver highly competitive prices with minimal worry.


Strategy is about making choices: prioritizing to develop focused and superior capabilities to meet customer needs. Exchanger Industries’ strategic focus is on the following core heat exchanger related products:

  • Shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Air-cooled heat exchangers
  • Sulfur condensers
  • Waste heat boilers
  • Antifouling coatings

Unlike most heat exchanger suppliers, we are able to couple our 60 years of core product experience with a broader range of expertise to be a one-stop-shop for all parts, servicing, retrofits and replacement units. For you, that means a trusted supplier who is always working to keep your procurement costs down while growing your business.

Beyond the up-front equipment investment, we are committed to driving superior returns for our customers across the product life-cycle. That’s why we provide:

  • Immediate field assistance
  • Commissioning
  • Inspections
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Technical support

No matter the severity of the issue or the OEM, Exchanger Industries is committed to helping you drive increased investment returns.

A Global Supply Chain to Maximize Options for Our Customers

Project Management

Committed To Excellence


More than 20 years ago, Exchanger Industries was one of the first Alberta-based equipment fabricators to introduce dedicated project managers. Today’s markets are faster, more complex and more competitive than ever. We know that our project management capabilities’ continuous enhancement is critical to ensuring that our projects are on-time and on-budget… every time.

To maintain our focus on delivering next-level excellence, Exchanger Industries offers a full-time Project Management Office (PMO) in charge of developing:

  • Management systems
  • Support systems (i.e., Information Technology)
  • Organizational structure, job descriptions and training to develop key, best-in-class skills
  • Culture, beliefs and organizational norms

Over the last three years, we have mapped and redesigned our business processes and the project managers’ roles within those business processes. By improving our project managers’ foundations, we succeeded in redefining our standard of excellence.


Global Partner You Can Trust


Exchanger Industries Limited has manufactured shell & tube heat exchangers, air coolers, waste heat boilers, and sulfur recovery units since our humble beginning in 1961. Our vast experience with multiple product lines, alloys and proprietary technologies allows us to provide customers with a complete set of turn-key solutions that other manufacturers simply cannot.

Safety First

Manufacturing starts with safety. Exchanger Industries puts our culture of safety first and foremost with our Ten Life-Saving Rules, and our dedication to these principles shows in our well-earned safety records, including our current milestone of six years without a lost-time incident.

The Future, Today

Exchanger Industries invests in the newest technology and training for heavy manufacturing, including CNC machining, cutting, welding and assembly. We combine lean manufacturing methodologies and world-class skilled trades to leverage this technology to scale manufacturing for defect-free, on-time products to our customers.

Our facility’s versatility allows us to remain agile to ramp up capacity and switch product lines efficiently and without downtime.

We can manufacture anything from small bundle replacements to large waste heat boilers and sulfur condensers, from small air cooler sections to fully-assembled aerial coolers to meet any client’s needs.

History in Every Move

We are deeply proud that our experienced manufacturing staff includes second-generation employees and team members with over 40 years of experience. That level of institutional knowledge gives us unparalleled insights into the heat exchanger solutions market.


It’s been our mission since 1961 to produce the highest quality heat exchangers. We are accredited with ASME, ABSA, CWB and APEGA. Our quality assurance team leverages years of experience in welding, fabrication and engineering to maintain our systems above and beyond the base requirements.

Staff inspectors have more than 50 years of experience and are certified with the latest credentials, including:

  • BSc. & MSc. Engineering
  • Weld Engineering Technology
  • CWB Level I/II
  • ABSA Welding Examiner
  • CWB Welding Supervisor
  • XRF Level 1 (PMI)

We use third-party inspection for complete objectivity to conduct non-destructive testing. For clients requiring inspection and repair of existing units, we can arrange inspections and create the necessary ITP for the rework and repair of the units.


Exchanger Industries Limited takes the risk, trade-offs and guesswork out of international supply chains for heat exchangers. We have qualified and developed multiple partners worldwide and worked with them to bring their quality up to Alberta standards. Customers benefit from Exchanger’s offshore partnership network while eliminating the need for them to qualify, monitor and assume the risks associated with quality control of international suppliers.

Our supplier quality specialists develop commodity-specific quality plans to monitor all projects and leverage internationally recognized, hand-picked inspectors to ensure that our interests – and our clients – are protected throughout the project. All products delivered in North America undergo additional inspection, hydrostatic testing and finishing in the Calgary manufacturing facility to ensure that all units leave our shop at the same high-quality levels that our customers have come to trust from Exchanger Industries Limited.


Advanced Engineering & Design

At Exchanger Industries, we understand the market pressures to keep up-front capital equipment costs as low as possible. That’s why we spent the last decade curating a network of best-in-class supply chain partners in Alberta, China, India and Oklahoma. These global supply chain partners offer a wide range of pricing and delivery lead time options for customers with zero compromises on product quality.

At the same time, we know up-front capital costs are not the whole story. Product solutions must meet customer process requirements while at the same time:

  • Minimizing square footage footprint
  • Ensuring cost-effective transportation
  • Mitigating power requirements
  • Facilitating ease and low cost of maintenance
  • Maximizing product life

To achieve these wide-ranging objectives, we carefully consider every design sent to us as a part of an RFQ and specification package and often recommend design alternatives that our engineers feel may serve to minimize customer life cycle product costs.

Exchanger Industries’ investment in our highly skilled and experienced engineering and design team allows us to deliver creative design solutions more effectively than our competitors. We stand by our solutions and will always commit to ensuring these are right for our customers.

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