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Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air-cooled exchangers, built with rectangular box headers and using a finned-tube bundle, are offered in either forced draft or induced draft options. Our aerial coolers can also be manufactured in a natural draft option. Every cooler design is custom tailored to your project needs.


Shell & Tube Exchangers

At Exchanger Industries Limited our economical processes provide clients with a long-term solution. We’ll design, build and fabricate custom shell and tube heat exchangers, including Helixchanger. We are also one of three global licensees of EMbaffle technology.


Waste Heat Boilers

Exchanger Industries Limited has been a leading waste heat boiler manufacturer since 1961. Our proprietary thermal design software, 3D parametric models, CFD and FEA analysis, ensure that every waste heat boiler receives the due diligence necessary for this high temperature equipment.


Antifouling Coatings

Our industry leading heat transfer system expertise has allowed us to create superior antifouling coatings. Our proprietary coating is highly effective at combating even the most severe fouling services for oil and gas streams.


Field Service Capabilities

Exchanger Industries Limited knows that time and money are two essential components to any project. Which is why we offer on-site field services that range from control bolting to compete turn-around and shutdown projects.


Sulfur Condensers

At Exchanger Industries Limited, we have been manufacturing sulfur condensers out of our Calgary facility since 1961. Our staff have the design and manufacturing expertise to take on and deliver turn-key solutions to your business.

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