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140 Quarry Park Blvd SE
Suite 120
Calgary, AB, T2C 3G3

HRS Heat Exchangers

Calgary Facility

5105 – 54 Ave SE,
Calgary, Alberta
T2C 4Y5

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Our staff are an integral part of the Exchanger Industries Limited (EIL) team. By having the highest trained staff around we’re able to better serve our customers. That’s why we strongly believe in helping our employees advance their corporate career with EIL.

Growth is an essential part to any business, whether it’s a start up or one that’s been around as long as we have. Growth as a company stems from helping our employees meet their professional goals and develop their careers. By continuing to offer training and professional development, we’re creating stronger skill sets within our corporate office and manufacturing facilities. These skill sets become an asset to our customers who are able to rely on our continued expertise in providing quality heat transfer solutions.

Opportunities for progression, education and gaining experience creates that desire for continued career advancement. This, in turn, reflects positively back to our customers. By retaining qualified employees who have progressed throughout the company, EIL is creating a culture of professionals invested in seeing the company, its people and our customers grow.

We believe in working as a team to deliver on our commitment to customers. That’s why we encourage all employees to get to know their colleagues and work to build on each other’s strengths. At EIL we hope to inspire all employees to put the time and effort in to determining their career path within the company.

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