Waste Heat Boilers

& Sulfur Condensers

A waste heat boiler uses the heat formed as a by-product of another process, heat which would normally be wasted, and uses it to create steam. The steam can be used to drive turbines which produce electricity. Alternatively, the boiler can simply be used to heat water or other kinds of fluid. As it recycles some of the energy used, a waste heat boiler, or waste heat recovery boiler, can reduce the fossil fuel consumption and financial running costs of a system. This also means fewer greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere.

Exchanger Industries Limited (EIL) is one of the few manufacturers that have decades of experience in designing and fabricating these complex pieces of equipment. Leveraging  our proprietary thermal design software, 3D parametric models, CFD and FEA analysis and specialized manufacturing methods, every waste heat boiler is provided the due diligence and respect it deserves given the critical nature of this high temperature equipment.

Some of our key features include inner-bore tube-tubesheet joints, thermosiphon cooling design, steam separation internals and other mechanical considerations that greatly extend the life expectancy of what is often termed a “weak link” in a Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU). EIL has waste heat boiler’s that have been in service for close to 20 years with no replacement or extensive maintenance. It is this type of value we are proud to bring to the industry and attach our name to.

Your Sulfur Recovery Partner

In addition to providing you all the heat transfer requirements in an AGR (Acid Gas Recovery) Unit, EIL has developed a broad and specialized capability to provide turn-key equipment packages as part of completing your SRU.  The SRU (sulphur recovery unit) receives the H2S bearing streams from the AGR and recovers H2S as elemental sulfur through the Claus Reaction.

In addition to our core specialities of Waste Heat Boilers c/w Steam Drums and Sulfur Condensers, we provide:

  • State of the art high efficiency burners customized to your application with our industry partner HEC.
  • Reaction Furnaces
  • Valve Train
  • Re-heaters
  • TGT

This provides our customers with a technological and fabrication one stop shop with the highest of industry design and fabrication standards coupled with over 50 years of successful greenfield installs and Brownfield retrofits. Other benefits include:

  • harmonized specification requirements and efficiency of execution
  • reduced interface points and client management costs

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