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Exchanger Industries Limited has been Canada’s premier provider of value-added heat transfer solutions to Alberta-based, international oil and gas companies since 1961.

Over the last five years, Exchanger Industries’ revenues for shell and tube exchangers alone have totaled close to $150 million, with the majority of sales to Suncor, Imperial Oil, North West Redwater Partnership, Cenovus, CNOOC, ConocoPhillips, Encana, Husky, Expander Energy and Syncrude. And while our installed base of shell and tube exchangers in Alberta is second to no other North American manufacturer, we also feature the largest installed base for air-cooled exchangers at major customers like TC Energy, Enbridge and Union Gas.

Fabrication is just the beginning of the equipment life cycle. With proper maintenance, these mission-critical assets can be expected to perform for over 20 years, driving down life-cycle costs. Exchanger Industries’ commitment to keeping our customers’ life-cycle costs as low as possible stems from our strategic deployment of the following capabilities:

  1. Providing equipment design that optimizes operating, maintenance and footprint costs
  2. Fabricating the very highest quality product, free of defects
  3. Seamlessly deploying a full range of heat exchanger parts, maintenance, heat exchanger cleaning and related field services

Our field services for commissioning, maintenance and heat exchanger repair are an important distinction of Exchanger Industries’ strategy; we aim to become the undisputed global leader in providing value-added custom heat transfer solutions, known and trusted by our clients for delivering superior execution, product quality and life-cycle project profitability.

With 60 years of knowledge and insight as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), our strategic commitment to field services helps our customers work smarter in the field, with turnarounds that cost less and have shorter lead times. Our complete offering of on-site capabilities ranges from control bolting, bundle pulling, inspection and machining to on-site and offsite heat exchanger repair when required.

Heat transfer maintenance occurs during planned operation shutdowns, or turnarounds, when equipment is assessed and then repaired if necessary. In recent years, Exchanger Industries has identified an increasing number of customers requesting that we expand our field service capabilities so that they might move away from unskilled, itinerant labor that increases the probability of mission-critical errors during their turnarounds.

As a result, Exchanger Industries’ current strategic plan has focused on accelerating the development of best-in-class field services and heat exchanger maintenance capabilities to support all of our equipment offerings. These investments ensure that our valued customers are getting the knowledge, experience and efficiencies that only come from the original equipment manufacturer.

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