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Reputation For Quality & Integrity

Since its founding in 1961, Exchanger Industries Limited (EIL) has built a reputation within the natural gas, global oil and petrochemical industries as being a leading supplier for the design and manufacture of shell & tube and air-cooled heat exchanger products. Today, EIL is committed to building on our past successes to create an Alberta-based, globally recognized provider of the very best custom heat transfer solutions. We are known by clients for driving superior execution, product quality and improved project profitability.

EIL’s international customer base, ranging from international Fortune 500 oil & gas companies to cutting-edge renewable energy startups, have relied on our unmatched industry experience and 60-year track record in providing cost-effective, innovative solutions to the most difficult heat transfer problems. EIL’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is part of a global supply chain network of rigorously qualified heat exchanger manufacturing facilities. This global network allows EIL to provide our customers with the very best quality of heat transfer solutions at very competitive prices.

EIL has built its reputation by building trust… we build that trust by effectively meeting our customer’s needs for a complete solution that maximizes product and project life cycle profitability. We do this by leveraging best-in-class engineering, design, supply chain and project management. Indeed, with a full team of some of the most experienced thermal and mechanical design experts on staff, our engineering can solve your most complex heat exchanger design challenges.

Furthermore, EIL’s welding expertise and extensive exotic alloy weld procedure library, built up over decades, allows us to take-on jobs that many other heat transfer system manufacturers and suppliers cannot. Finally, we stand behind our work and if something goes wrong, or our customers are not happy, we make it right.

EIL has implemented of leading edge Enterprise systems including customized 3-D CAD, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Material Resource Planning (MRP) and proprietary activity cost-based estimate programs. These systems build the foundation for efficient scalability and improved cost competitiveness. Furthermore, they free our employees from repetitive, lower value-added, manual activities so that they may focus on enhancing the skills and capabilities that are rewarding for our workforce and valued by our customers.


Our Vision

To build an Alberta-based, globally recognized leader in the provision of innovative, quality, custom heat transfer equipment, services and solutions that allow our customers to exceed their objectives for both project life cycle and product life cycle profitability. Our roots are grounded in the oil fields of Alberta but our customer base, our track record of projects and our supplier network spans the globe, and we continue to drive international growth into our key strategic market segments in Canada, US, and the Middle East.

A refinery that produces low sulfur diesel. Air Cooler that cools down

Our Strategy

Deliver Best In Class Services

The company, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada serves customer segments that are defined by industry vertical, geographic location of the project and whether the RFQ is for a new build (Greenfield) or for replacement and maintenance applications (Brownfield). Within these segments, we have delivered products both in Alberta and worldwide to the most recognised and prestigious, Fortune 1000 Energy and Chemical companies.

Our strategy to achieve that vision is made up of several key choices in the way we invest our time and resources:

  • Overall, Exchanger Industries Limited (EIL) is differentiated with respect to many of its competitors. EIL is not the supplier of lowest price products with minimal acceptable quality standards. Rather, we deliver best-in-class, high quality, price competitive equipment and services. Specifically, EIL delivers on its value proposition of price competitive quality and innovation by:
    • Offering a related range of core heat transfer products and after sales services, supported by decades of experience in each product. This allows EIL to act as a “One-stop Shop” to minimize customer procurement costs and complexity.
    • Delivering innovative design that aims to minimize both up front capital costs, as well as operating costs such as power usage, maintenance cost and downtime.
    • Delivery on-time every time, to eliminate project construction delays and cost overruns.
    • Development of best-in-class project management to ensure clear communication and timely problem resolution for our customers.
    • Creating a carefully qualified offshore supply chain network that offers the most stringent international levels product quality and multiple customer options for delivery and pricing.
    • Investing in state of the art Enterprise systems and processes ensuring true scalability and increasing cost-effectiveness for our customer base.
    • Innovate into new but related products – such as our high temperature anti-fouling coatings – to solve problems for our customers in a way that none of our competitors can.
    • The company, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada serves customer segments that are defined by the industry vertical, the geographic location of the project and whether the RFQ is for a new build (Greenfield) or for replacement and maintenance applications (Brownfield).
Shell and Tube in field operating in desert

EIL’s priority customer segments from a strategic and customer volume standpoint are as follows:

  • Natural Gas Midstream Applications: For primarily Greenfield projects for compression in pipelines, as well as gas processing and fractionation. EIL holds a market leading position in this segment in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB), which covers areas in both Alberta and British Columbia, but also sells product to projects across North America.
  • Petrochemical Applications: This includes primarily Greenfield applications for oil & gas refineries as well as plants that convert Natural Gas Liquids (NGL’s) to various end products such as Polypropylene and Methanol. EIL holds a market leading position for this rapidly growing vertical in Alberta, but also supplies to projects in US Gulf Coast (USGC) as well as the Middle East and Asia.
  • Upstream Alberta Oil Applications: EIL supplies product for both Greenfield and Brownfield applications (Brownfield being the more rapidly growing). EIL has the largest, installed base of heat exchangers in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and expects further growth in brownfield business as a result.
  • Anti-Fouling Applications: EIL – in partnership with a global chemical company – has developed, piloted and commercialized a proprietary coating for heat exchanger tubes that stops clogging or “fouling” of the units that typically requires significant cleaning cost and downtime. This premium product will have applications across all of EIL’s industry verticals and geographies but EIL’s initial marketing focus will be in Western Canada and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our Values

What We Believe In

Achieving this vision and related strategy in the rapidly evolving end markets that we serve requires that we learn, adapt and evolve as quickly as possible. The values we believe that are core to becoming more agile are:

  • Safety Above All: All employees, management in particular, must be personally invested in a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Transparency: We believe in having our thinking made public and tested in a collegial and supportive environment. If there’s a way to improve upon one of our products or services, we want to hear about it. We believe in critical, logical thinking and working as a team to deliver on our commitments.
  • Curiosity, To Search For Root Causes: Ask “Why?” to make things better.
  • Accountability: We work to make it clear what each of us, as part of our end-to-end business processes, is accountable for both to our external customers and our co-workers. Employees are encouraged to look to their own accountability in improving outcomes and the management team is committed to ensuring that accountability is not misused to create blame.
  • Commitment: Never give up… we have proven time and again at Exchanger Industries Limited, that constructive, collaborative work across functions and process steps can solve the most difficult problems.

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