In Conversation with EIL: Heat Exchanger Opportunities and Developments

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Heat Exchanger World’s, Ellie Pritchard, spoke to Exchanger Industries Limited’s (EIL) President & CEO, Mark el Baroudi about the company, the developments seen in the heat transfer industry and various R&D initiatives driving technology forward.

The heat transfer industry is crucial to the development of everything that the world is trying to do to become cleaner and more efficient. The heat exchanger companies that provide those solutions need to evolve to take advantage of that reality, by building capabilities to deliver innovative, price competitive heat transfers solutions to meet their customer needs internationally, leverage more truly innovative technology, business processes and enterprise systems to scale up efficiently, and seek to become better capitalised in order to achieve those objectives. That is what we are trying to do.” – Mark el Baroudi

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Published in Heat Exchanger World magazine, October issue

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